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Why Us?

We know production. With 20 years experience working in television and film, we understand the needs of production.

We know Las Vegas. Our extensive knowledge of Sin City locations means that we can save you time and money.

We know Nevada. With contacts throughout the State, our overseas clients are fully prepared to film and for their production to go off without a hitch. 

Technical crew. If you require crew we can advise on cost, and secure the crew you need. We have a broad network of trusted technical crew including camera operators, sound recordists, lighting technicians, steadicam operators and aerial filming contacts,in fact any crew for your do!

Equipment. We have contacts across the board for HD and SD camera kits, lighting, lenses and audio. We can arrange hire of accessories including tripods, tracks and dollys, camera mounts, green screen and monitors, in fact most equipment and accessories.

Exterior locations. We can arrange permits from Las Vegas authorities. Hotels own most of the pavements and locations on The Las Vegas Strip. We advise on the formal filming permissions required and notify relevant authorities and police on your behalf.

Interior locations. If you wish to film at a specific location we will obtain permission from the site/hotel owner. If you are unsure of the best area to film, we can advise on available locations and will provide stills or videos of the location in advance.

Location Managers and Assistants. We have a number of Location Managers and Location Assistants available, offering on the ground support for your production. Our location team know Vegas like the back of their hands,and know all the sweet spots to film. 

Logistics. We will facilitate you getting from A to B efficiently around.  I have a brand new Range Rover Sport to ferry people around. We can also organise any travel arrangements.


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